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Enterprise culture and values
Our vision
To Chinese enterprise informatization market leader
Become the mainstay of China to promote enterprise information
Our mission
We think that, in the future, earnings will just enterprise primary stage goal of becoming intelligent enterprise is the true pursuit entrepreneurs, and intelligent enterprise informationization is the only road to success.
Our mission is to through promoting informationization construction, help China's enterprise productivity and managers wisdom, make intelligent enterprise, make the constant development and expansion, get lasting success.
Our core values
Achievement customers, the good faith as this, take responsibility, teamwork, innovation
Our enterprise spirit
Responsibility, diligence, specialty, innovation

Achievement customers -------- committed to customer satisfaction and success
Innovative and pragmatic -------- focus on customers and companies influential innovation
Responsible for the integrity -------- build trust and responsibility relationships
The pursuit of excellence -------- pursuit of product performance and improve the experience and the perfect

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