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ATmini-380 Array Test Sorting System For SMD LEDs
2014-3-27 14:06:12
Product Description:

ATmini-380 Array Test Sorting System For SMD LEDs is to adapt to the needs of LED chip market developed a product targeted specifically for color control package for SMD LED production process; deposited in SMD package LED phosphors process, before drying and phosphor target set by the customer in real time through the rapid detection test LED full color temperature comparison operator guidance increase or decrease the amount of phosphor performed to achieve LED consistency, improve yields ; LED SMD package after package finished, the LED on the parameters of the integrated package: includes color coordinates (XY), color temperature (TC), flux, voltage, combined spectroscopic measurements.



Functional characteristics:

l  Equipped with numerical control electrical current source of light and color parameters of high-precision test systems, test data to ensure accurate and reliable;

l  Efficient test speed (fastest 16K / hour), with a 460-way power headroom to meet the test specifications for all SMD stents currently on the market;

l  Professional custom packaging various types of SMD LED array fixture;

l  Precise positioning and patented power supply technology, independent simple fixture assembly, replace the use of;

l  PC software interface is simple, user-friendly setup, measurement results are displayed visually complement powder parameters (color temperature, color coordinates) and color separation parameters (color temperature, color coordinates, flux, voltage, leakage current) need to be combined by the user by setting and analog chart shows, easy to operate;



Test parameters

Scale range


Forward Current



Forward voltage



Reverse leakage current



Reverse voltage



Luminous flux

0.1 lm5000lm


Peak wavelength



Dominant wavelength



Color Temperature



Color coordinates



Color rendering index



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