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ATmini-300 Array Test Sorting System For High-power LEDs
2012-12-23 16:58:20
Product Description:

ATmini-300 Array Test Sorting System For High-power LEDs to meet the needs of the market and the development of a dedicated production equipment for high-power LED production process color control; the deposited phosphor process of high-power LED, through rapidLED color temperature real-time test and compare the target value and customer set, to guide the operator to the amount of the increase or decrease of the phosphor, LED consistency, improve the yield;, high power LED high-power LED packaging finishedThe various parameters include: the color coordinates (XY), the color temperature (TC), luminous flux, voltage, leakage current combination spectrometry.


Functional characteristics:

l  electrical parameters of high-precision test system equipped with a light color, to ensure the accuracy of the test data, and reliable;

l  no proprietary platen positioning design, pick and place operation is simple;

l  Professional customize various types of high-power LED array fixture;

l  intelligent pneumatic and out feed, without human involvement, the high efficiency of the test;

l  PC software interface is simple and user-friendly setting, measurement results display the intuitive, complement powder parameters (color temperature, color coordinates) and spectrophotocolorimeter parameters (color temperature, color coordinates, luminous flux, voltage, leakage current) can be necessary combination settings, and a mimic diagram, easy to operate;

l  integrated machine design, practical and easy to operate;


Technical indicators:

Test parameters

Scale range


Forward Current



Forward voltage



Reverse leakage current



Reverse voltage



Luminous flux

0.1 lm5000lm


Peak wavelength



Dominant wavelength



Color Temperature



Color coordinates



Color rendering index



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